Because the large amount of related work and limited personnel, we have no enough time to upload all the models we have made to the site. So, even you have not find the guitar you want on the site, please do not hesitate to email us, it may already have been made before and we might have HD photo for you. Question asked, question answered ! Just ask !

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Designing your own guitar style Activity!

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 Designing your own guitar style Activity! 

We are here to call on every one to design your own guitar style and email your design to us. Each person who takes part in this activity will get a coupon of $50. And finally, we will hold a competition to choose the best guitar designing, the winner who enjoys the most votes will receive a Free guitar from us! 

Plese make it with customized headstock logo or no logo. And you can make the Guitar shape with your unique characteristics.

The design description is also needed (its characters, it fits what kind of music, what is your idea in it),and it would bring you more fans to vote for you.


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