Because the large amount of related work and limited personnel, we have no enough time to upload all the models we have made to the site. So, even you have not find the guitar you want on the site, please do not hesitate to email us, it may already have been made before and we might have HD photo for you. Question asked, question answered ! Just ask !

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About the similarity between ours and original guitars

Some customers email us that some of our guitars are not identical to the original, we are glad to make it clear here:

You know, it’s impossible for us to purchase all the original guitars: some are too expensive, some has deceased to produce. But we bought lots of public blueprints, we are not very clear about the origin of these blueprints, and we also don’t make sure of their accuracy. We spent lots of money on them, and we know there will be differences between the original and our guitars, but we will try our best to replicate the guitar as similar as the original!

You can also join us:

1. As for the guitars we have built, you can ask the HD pictures to make the comparison. It will be ok only when you think it's perfect!

2.  As for those guitars which are not on site, you just need pay $5 - $10 deposit, we can start the building soon. When we finish the guitar, we will send you some pictures first, when you are satisfied with them, you can send the remaining payment; if not, we will make the correction till it is ok. Or, we will refund your deposit!

Wish you can feel the fairness and our sincerity!

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