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Peavey Vandenberg for sale

This guitar is built by Japanese and Korea luthiers, it is with excellent quality and reasonable price. You can choose from all kinds of finish, wood and hardware. Left handed is also available!

Customer Service:

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 Our Custom Made Peavey Vandenberg for sale



Peavey Vandenberg for sale

Body Wood


Neck Wood







Dots Inlay

Scale Length







2 Volumes, 3-way Selector Switch


Licensed Floyd Rose Bridge






Black Hardware




About the original Vandenberg Signature Guitar


Back in 1988 Adrian started working with Peavey on the development of a new Signature model. Both he and band mate Rudy Sarzo had very nice experiences with Peavey amplifiers and effects processors, so Peavey was a natural choice for the manufacturing of the "Vandenberg Signature" guitar. (Eventually Peavey later made a line of bass guitars in collaboration with 4 string licker Sarzo.) Over the years Peavey had made very good instruments, but in the past their guitar models had rather unpleasant looks (to put it mildly). The Meridian Mississippi based musical instrument giant was urgently in need of a new guitar design. Adrian had always liked building and working on guitars, so he picked up the glove, and started working with the Peavey R&D team.


The Peavey Vandenberg Signature Contrary to other late 80's "super strats", you can tell it's a Vandenberg from miles away. It's obvious that this is a very special guitar. It seems like Adrian wanted to combine elements from his own favorite axes into one guitar, plus adding his own distinct design to it. The Vandenberg Signature has a medium weight poplar body with a slightly arched top and "fiddle cuts", which is a unique detail for this particular guitar. (Poplar has very much the same sound as alder.) It also has an extra carving on the lower cutaway (similar to ESP Horizon Custom) for easier reaching the highest frets.(The first prototype however, had this carving on the upper cutaway as well, like Hamer Californian.) The body is back routed, which eliminates the need of a pick guard to hide away the electronics. The first Vandenberg model was available in 3 different finishes: "gloss black", "sunfire red" and "rock-it pink". Of which, the most popular is absoultely "rock-it pink"...

The Peavey Adrian Vanderberg 1988 rock-it pink 6 string electric guitar was handmade and features a sculpted poplar body, bi-laminate rock maple 24 3/4 scale neck with an ebony 15 inch radius fretboard, and mother of pearl inlays. Pickups are the original custom wound Vandenberg units. Hardware is original and in fantastic condition with only very light wear. The finish is called Raspberry Pearl Metallic, which was one of the rarer finishes on the series 2s and almost changes colour in the light.



Our Replicated Peavey Vandenberg for sale


These Peavey Adrain Vandenberg Signature Guitar guitars continue to climb in value as more and more collectors stash them away. Collectors have snatched so many of these up it's nearly impossible to find one floating around that hasn't either been beaten to death or extensively modified. If you want to own the guitar, you have to wait for your luck buying one or specially customize one, but the prices of both ways are sky-high, costing more than thousands of dollars. Few guitarists and lovers can afford it. What a pity!


In the past years, many of our customers also talked about the guitars with us, and hope we can make replicas of it. So to realize their dreams, we launched the Peavey Adrain Vandenberg Signature Guitar replicas. Our replicated Peavey Adrain Vandenberg Signature Guitar guitar is a fully-detailed reproduction of the Pink guitar—complete in its unmistakable look, sound, and feel.

Pls note: All guitars in our custom shop are created by the craftsmen who are famous worldwide. Besides, we also have some professional tuners who are specially responsible for testing and tuning guitars's tone. Every guitar before shipping, we repeately test and tune to make sure it is nearest to the original one in tone. So you can be assured about the quality...

If you are looking for a guitar like this now, don't pass it by...



More details can be found on our Facebook Page, waiting for your like!




More info about our replicated Peavey Vandenberg for sale!





Like the original Peavey Vandenberg for sale, our replica has mahogany body, maple neck and ebony fingerboard. All these three kinds of wood have been purchased in large volumes from our professional wood suppliers. You can rest assured about the wood quality.





Like the origial Peavey Vandenberg for sale, the neck has a scale length of 24 3/4" (similar to a Gibson Les Paul, which makes string bending and complex fingerings much easier than on the traditional strat style scale, 26 1/3). Combined with its ebony fretboard's bright tone, making the guitar more beautiful and attractive than other guitars.






Like the original Peavey Vandenberg for sale, our replica has 2 volumes and one 3 way selector switch. Many may agree with me that tone controls have nothing to do on a Rock'n'Roll guitar! The volume pots are nicely oversized and in black chrome. The 3 position switch is Peavey's own "Gibson style" toggle, which may need some contact spray from time to time. The volume pot closest to the bridge pickup has a very wise placement; if you're playing with your right hand open (like Adrian does), your pinky won't turn the volume down all the time. 






Special design bullet-shape truss rod cover with three screws. No bell or one-screw design plastic.




So what have we got? Our replicated Peavey Vandenberg for sale is a balanced, consistent, well playing, sweet sounding and extremely versatile guitar with outstanding looks! A guitar with personality. It's possible to set the string action real low without buzzing. It's not only limited to playing Hard Rock and Heavy Metal though; you also get nice blues, jazz or even Country sounds out of this axe.



Our replicated Peavey Vandenberg for sale can be of different colors! Pink, Sunfire Red, blue, dark blue, Gloss Black, Pearl White... Any color is available! You just need to tell us which kind you prefer to...



About Pickups

It is worth mentioning that the pickups we select are Wilkinson pickups. We have to admit that Wilkinson pickups are not as good as the original pickups. But they are more attractive in quality and price, saving much money for our customers. Most of our customers reflected the pickups are beyond their imagination, stable and reliable enough!

Of course! If you insist on the original pickups, and we can find them on the market, and can afford it. We are pleasant to install the original pickups for your guitars. But the price will be much higher than guitars with Willinson pickups. Be prepared!!!


Adrain Vandenberg on playing his 1988 rock-it pink guitar



Aiming to build your dream guitar!

Except the copies of guitars from famous players, most of the guitars that we build are custom-made based on the customers’ needs. There are so many different options and variables that it doesn’t make sense to have a standardized order form. The best way to go about obtaining this information is for you to contact us and let us know what it is that you’re looking for. We can discuss these options and figure out what is best for you. Your business is important to us and we want to provide you with the best customer service we are capable of. We want this to be the best guitar-buying experience you’ve ever had.

And please, don’t be shy if have any questions about our guitar. And don't be afraid to bring us troubles. Our customer service staff and other workers are pleasant to exchange with our customers, as they can learn new knowledge and get some exercise from the process


Welcome your consultation at any time, in any way.

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Anonymous user

2017-08-13 02:41:04

I'm interested in a Rock-it pink Vandenberg guitar. I am in Tallinn, Estonia. Can you quote price for guitar delivery? Delivery time, payment terms etc.? What would the extra costs be for Seymour Duncan pick-ups as the original guitar? Also extra for a Floyd Rose Original. And extra for Steinberger Gearless tuners? Many thanks.

Administrator, service Reply:
Pls check your email
Anonymous user

2017-06-09 04:25:31

Also interested in a white version. Must have ebony neck and Floyd Rose (not FR special)tremolo.

Administrator, service Reply:
Pls check your email
Anonymous user

2016-05-27 04:13:33

I would like to buy a white version

Administrator, service Reply:
Dear customer,

We can make it white and have send you the details to your email address.
Anonymous user

2016-05-27 04:12:30

How much is the white version please

Administrator, service Reply:
Please check your email about our offer.
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