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Ken Lawrence James Hetfield Explorer

This guitar is built by Japanese and Korea luthiers, it is with excellent quality and reasonable price. You can choose from all kinds of finish, wood and hardware. Left handed is also available!

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   Our Customized Ken Lawrence James Hetfield Explorer Guitar Specs


   Body Style Explorer
Body wood Mahogany
Headstock wood Mahogany
Construction Neck-Thru
Fretboard Rosewood
Inlays Mother of Pearloid Inlays
Scale Length 24.75''
Frets 22
Pickups H/H
Controls 1 Volume,1 Tone, one 3-way toggle Switch,1 mini Switch
Bridge LP Bridge
Finish Satin
String D'Addario
Hardware Black


About the original guitar - Ken Lawrence Explorer "Flaming Sun"

Shortly after the tour for St. Anger started, we saw James with a brand new Ken Lawrence James Hetfield Explorer. It is one of James Hetfield's Favorite guitars. This was like his first but on steroids! Most often used live for ballad songs and collisionally Master Of Puppets . James acquired this guitar from luthier Ken Lawrence sometime between 2003-2006. The top was a beautiful quilted Bubinga piece and the inlay was a very large and intricate flaming Sun design. he has another one that he got in 1996 but it had different inlays and a Chechen top. It has the ESP Mx body shape ,but the cool 3+3 headstock is designed by Ken Lawrence himself. James prefers to use this for clean songs. It seemed to replace the first KL Explorer on the road for awhile, but these days they both seem to get a fair amount of use on tour.



About our replica

About the original Ken Lawrence James Hetfield Explorer, we think we needn’t say more, if you are also the fan of james hetfiled, you know this is a very typical guitar of james’, which accompanied james to show various of concerts, and is also the most favorite one to james, the original guitar was tailor made by Ken Lawrence according to james’ style, which features mahogany body and mahogany neck, che chen cap, the shape of this guitar is the same with esp explores used by james earlier, one original guitar costs more than $6000, to many guitarists in the street, it is indeed a sky-high price,  but any way it worth, Mr. ken only can make several guitars of this kind every year, every one is priceless, guys like us can not afford it at all. Ok, let us talk about our guitar.




You can go and look at our page on facebook, and we are waiting your like!




First, our replicated Ken Lawrence James Hetfield Explorer was built as the blueprint, both the body and the neck is same with the original guitar, now on the replica market, some Chinese copies are totally wrong, their headstock shape is much bigger, pls look at this pic below.


Second, the neck joint style and way of our guitar is also same with the original Ken Lawrence James Hetfield Explorer, those copies are wrong, look at below.



Third, the original Ken Lawrence James Hetfield Explorer features che chen cap, this kind of wood is very rare, it is also a noxious wood, the price is high too, though we didn’t use the che chen cap, we use the very beautiful rosewood cap, which is much more quality than the cheap guitars, you can check the pic if you don’t belive what we said.



Forth, it is the texture, the control cavity plate and the truss rod cover of the original Guitar is made of mahogany, and the paint has satin finish, at these two point, our replicated Ken Lawrence James Hetfield Explorer is the same as the original one, but those copies on the market use black plastics, and their paint has glossy finish, check the pic below.



Fifth, the fretboard inlays, our replicated Ken Lawrence James Hetfield Explorer inlay pattern is also the same with the standard sun flames of the original guitar, but those cheap ones are completely rubbish.


Sixth, It is the price, the original Ken Lawrence James Hetfield Explorer costs fucking $6000, we said guys like us can not afford it at all, now our guitar only sold at just $450, we just want to realize fans’ one dream, and share it with all of our friends.


About pickups


It worth mentioning that the pickups we select is Wilkinson pickups, Which is attractive in quality and price. Wilkinson pickups is what we strongly advised. It will save you much money!! Along with the top quality of Wilkinson is stable and reliable enough!!!


Of course, we also have the original pickups- EMG 81/60, which are James Hetfield favorite pickups, can give you original James sound, but you need pay extra money.



How to Sound like james hetfield


About James Hetfield


James Hetfiled is the rhythm guitarist, co-founder, main composer and lead singer in the heavy metal band Metallica. Metallica was set up in Oct 1981, since that time, Metallica has won 9 Grammy Awards, and released 9 studio albums, three live albums, four extensive plays and twenty-four singles. In 2009, Hetfield was recorded No. 8 in Joel McIver's book The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists, and rated No. twenty four in the 100 Greatest Metal Vocalists after beating Parader. James favors Explorer guitar so much that he has employed Explorer guitars from Gibson to ESP successively, and he has been the primary endorser for ESP since 1980. James' main custom-made guitar is the Explorer specifically manufactured by Ken Lawrence.



Ken Lawrence Explorer Guitar Maker: Ken Lawrence


Ken Lawrence Musical Instruments was established by Ken Lawrence in 1986 for bass and guitar custom design business. Except remaining as a luthier, Ken Lawrence is also a bassist, he commenced building electric guitar in Moonstone Guitars in 1981 and 5 years later he setup his personal business. Ken Lawrence primarily hand crafts instruments, so the handling usually takes him one full year to accomplish an instrument, and the yearly producing quantity is 20 to 25, so the cost is fairly high-priced. And he also custom makes guitars for Hetfield and his band mates from American music band Metallica. What he made for James is fundamentally based upon ESP explorer, but the headstock and fingerboard inlays differ somehow.


About other ken Lawrence style explorers.


According to our customers requirements, we have built another two custom versions, one is with flame maple cap, the other is wart poplar cap, they are all available now.

Satin black with flame maple cap Satin natural wart poplar cap


About other James Hetfield Guitars made by ken lawrence.



First seen in/around 1996, James’ first Ken Lawrence Explorer was a very cool departure from previous guitars seen onstage. Where other guitars had inlays like middle fingers or were completely blacked out, the Ken Lawrence Explorer brought a very cool change with it’s all natural finish and choice of exotic woods.


It is based off of one of James’ favorite Explorer guitars and is 100% designed to his specs. James favors this guitar for any “clean” songs, that is, a song where a clean tone is needed such as One, Enter Sandman, Nothing Else Matters, etc.


The inlay has been referred to as a “father and sun hunting trip” but actually depicts several individuals hunting a beast. Ken will NOT replicate this inlay. If you see other guitars he’s built similar to James Hetfield’s Explorer….they’re just that. SIMILAR. He changes the inlays.


  Set mahogany neck
Mahogany body
Chechen top
Grenadillo fretboard
22 extra jumbo frets
Chechen headcap
Sperzel locking tuners
EMG 81/60 (later changed to EMG HETSET)
Stop Tailpiece, Tune-o-Matic Bridge
2 volume, 3 way toggle, mini toggle for fiber optic side markers

 This guitar is available in our custom shop!




This one is interesting…this took many, many years to complete and lots of guitars were started and finished in the time that James asked for this guitar until when he received it. A few of us had a photo of the guitar once completed, but Ken asked for us to not post anything until James brought it out in public and that didn’t happen for quite awhile.


Some cool features include…well, the entire guitar! It features a dragon design by Corey Miller and awesome inlay work on the entire guitar. A very nice finish and custom covered EMG 81/60 pickups. Literally topping it off is the awesome 3+3 Ken Lawrence headstock as found on the Explorers.


Although James loves the guitar and has used it live, it seems that it’s a tad too heavy so we haven’t seen it used too often.


  Dragon design by Corey Miller
Set mahogany neck
Mahogany body
Quilted maple top
22 extra jumbo frets
Quilted maple headcap
Sperzel locking tuners
EMG 81/60 with quilted maple covers
Stop Tailpiece, Tune-o-Matic Bridge
2 volume, 3 way toggle, mini toggle for fiber optic side markers

This guitar is available in our custom shop!




Sometime around 2006, James received another Ken Lawrence Explorer but it was somewhat of a surprise. Word has it that Ken went to deliver the KL Les Paul and he happened to bring along a doubleneck explorer for James to checkout. James loved it and wanted it right then and there! A rare sight to be seen, it has appeared several times in the studio and also live.




Double set mahogany necks
Mahogany body
Macassar Ebony top
Macassar Ebony fretboard
22 extra jumbo frets
Macassar Ebony headcap
Sperzel locking tuners
EMG 81/60 (haven’t seen it in awhile, so I’m not sure if it now has EMG HETSET or not)
Stop Tailpiece, Tune-o-Matic Bridge
2 volume, 3 way toggle, mini toggle for fiber optic side markers


 This guitar is available in our custom shop!


James Hetfield Guitar Wall


Here you can see other guitars of james hetfield, if you are a james’ fans, you can customize any of his guitars here in our custom shop, we would like to realize your dream very much.


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