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Jackson Y2KV Guitar Snow White

This guitar is built by Japanese and Korea luthiers, it is with excellent quality and reasonable price. You can choose from all kinds of finish, wood and hardware. Left handed is also available!

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Our Jackson Y2KV Guitar Snow White Specifications

 Items The Original Y2KV Our Replicated Y2KV
Finish Snow White Snow White
Body Shape Flying V Flying V
Body Construction Neck-thru Neck-thru
Body Wood Mahogany Mahogany
Bridge T-O-M Style T-O-M Style
Fretboard Ebony Ebony
Inlays MOTO Shark Fin MOTO Shark Fin
Scale Length 25-1/2"  25-1/2"
Frets 24 24
Pickup Switch Type 3-way Pickup Selector 3-way Pickup Selector
Controls 2 Volumes, 1 tone 2 Volume, 1 tone
Nut Width 1.6875" (1-11/16") 1.6875" (1-11/16")
Tailpiece String Through String Through
Hardware Chrome Chrome
Pickups 2 Seymour Duncan, Humbuckers 2 Wilkins Humbuckers



Dave Mustaine's Musical Life 

Dave Mustaine, who was born on September 13, 1961 in La Mesa, California, USA, is the Megadeth's singer, songwriter and guitarist. He spent his youth in south California suburbs. Being the focus figure of Megadeth and a old Metallica songwirter and lead guitarist, he's also one of many pioneers of speed metal and trash metal music.Thirty years ago when Dave Mustaine quit his initial band Panic, Metallica's drummer Lars published an advertisement searching for a lead guitarist. Therefore he become a member of Metallica as being the band's lead guitarist. After expelled by Metallica in 1983, Mustaine was really angry, and promised to establish their own band. Thus he set up Fallen Angels this year, and inside the summertime he attained bassist Dave Ellefson, and finally they organized Megadeth, starting off another thrash story.



Dave Mustaine Jackson Y2KV Guitar

Jackson Y2KV was a guitar designed by Dave Mustaine, in an effort to create a less aggressive and retro-looking flying V guitar, to contrast for his usual King V. It was mainly used for touring of Risk and The World Needs a Hero as Mustaine's own model, with less than a dozen produced, including some prototypes. Eventually, the Y2KV went mass production and introduced in the Jackson Guitars year 2000 catalog.



Before Jackson Y2KV, he used Jackson King V's, which were actually modified toY2KV.Here's how he described the process at the time: "I've been playing Jackson guitars for about 15 years now and my main guitar now is a Jackson Y2KV, which is a little bit different from the King Vs I have. My first Vs were all custom ordered because they didn't make a 24-fret V, except as a special order. One of the modifications I've made on the Y2KV is that I got rid of the Kahler and put a stop tailpiece on the new model. Another change is in the construction and body design. The King V has sharp points, King V but the Y2KV has rounded ends and the wood used is a little bit softer, so it has a smoother sound and it resonates better. I don't dig the harder woods because I think the tone is too brittle. I think the wood is mahogany and the fingerboard is rosewood or ebony (The woods we utilised are the very same as those utilized on the genuine design. The wood for body and fretboard are the same as the originals)


The Y2KV is a Dave Mustaine signature model and differs from all other King Vs in that it has rounded ends which seem similar to that of the Gibson Flying V. Because it was based much more heavily on the Gibson Flying V. For the closure song "Holy Wars", Mustaine uses a Y2KV stars and stripes (USA flag).


Moreover, Dave Mustaine Jackson Y2KV is available in four stunning, high-quality finish options: US Flag Graphics, Black and White, Snow White and Black Pearl. (Our replicated guitar contains four finishes, too)



Features of Our Jackson Y2KV Guitar Snow White

So far as we know, this is the first time for Jackson Dave Mustaine Y2KV to be replicated. Why did we make the replica of Jackson Dave Mustaine Y2KV? As is well-known, Y2KV guitars have been very popoular then in the world. But it was discontinued about back at the start of the 2000s. However, many fans of Dave Mustaine are so desperate to see this guitar again. They tought Y2KV has an overwhelming sense of the past and their idol---- Dave Mustaine. 



We have bought Y2KV professional drawings and meticulously studied this electric guitar, thus we can grasp every details of processing technique. So all our guitars are flawless when it comes to craftmanship. Besides, they are absolutly 100% hand-mades. The body wood of Y2KV is mahogany, and the fretboard wood of Y2KV is ebony. Those two kinds of wood have been purchased in large volumes from our professional wood suppliers. So we can replicate it in an cost-effective method.


As for other parts, It has 24 Jumbo frets and the standard layout for the Y2's which is 2 volumes, one tone, and three-way pickup selector switch. (Our Jackson Y2KV Guitar Snow White is strictly in accordance with these 3 controls)  



All the hardware is chrome. Pickups are H/H. The neck goes through the body as do the strings. (The original Y2KV is strictly followed by our replicated guitars). As we all know that the construction of neck-through is more firm and stable than that of set-in. But neck-through construction needs high quality wood. Therefore the processing cost is higher than set-in construction. Of course, the neck-through body guitar is more valuable for you to collection. You can rest assrued that our strings also go through the body.


The fretboard is ebony with shark fin inlays. (Certainly, specs here is strictly keep in with the original Y2KV) Only the finest woods and hardware go into this masterpiece. Moreover, body style is a V shape, and some guitar fans think that it is the best V availiable at the present stage. We comply with Jackson Dave Mustaine Y2KV specs strictly.


So our guitars are nearly the same with the original one. Our duplicated Dave Mustaine Y2KV guitar is definitely a must have guitar! All in all, our replicated guitars are quality assured and cost-effective and can save much money for you.



We have to say that the price in our website is not include the original Seymour Duncan’s pick-ups. The pick-ups we utilised are Wilkinson pick-ups, which is not simply quality guaranteed but also affordable for most people. Wilkinson pick-ups are what we suggested. But if you stick to use Seymour Duncan’s pick-ups, we can satisfy your need. Certainly, the price would be a little higher than before. 



This guitar has some truly great features for the right price. It will satisfy a lot of musicians' desires. If you are interested in our replicated Y2KV, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Pictures in our website are limited, and a lot of high-definition pictures will be provided if you email us.

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