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Jackson Concorde Guitar

This guitar is built by Japanese and Korea luthiers, it is with excellent quality and reasonable price. You can choose from all kinds of finish, wood and hardware. Left handed is also available!

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Our Custom Made Jackson Concorde Guitar Specifications

Body Wood: Basswood
Neck Wood: Maple
Construction: Set-in
Fretboard: Rosewood
Inlays: Block MOP Inlays
Scale Length: 25.5"
Frets: 22
Pickups: 2 Wilkinson Humbuckers
Switch: 3-Way Selection Switch
Controls: 2 Tone, 2 Volume
Headstock: Jackson Style
Bridge: Non-locking Tremolo
Hardware: Gold Finish
Finish: White w/ black pinstripe
Strings: D'Addario




Birth of Jackson Concorde Guitar


On 12 23rd, 1980, Randy Rhoads found Jackson and revealed him a different created electric guitar drawing, which was developed fully by Randy himself. The design was founded upon the formerly built polka dot V. The first Concorde was a little higher, while Randy Rhoads was fairly shorter, therefore the guitar was then adjusted and shrunk a bit. On account of its futuristic contour, the guitar was named as Concorde. It truly is the first guitar having the Jackson badge upon headstock and is regarded as a milestone of Jackson brand. In the readers' online survey of the Guitar World magazine's 25th anniversary, this guitar has been called the most representative guitar in music history.

Randy Rhoads Concorde    Randy Rhoads Concorde Guitar


Jackson Concorde Guitar Neck Joint


The construction of this electric guitar is neck-through-body, which ensures the steadiness, uniformity, strength and tonal strength of this instrument. However, our guitar is set-in structured, so the price is cheaper than these neck-through guitars however the consistency is just exactly the same. Needless to say, we'll also create neck-through instruments if you require.

Rhoads Flying V


Jackson Concorde Guitar Wood Selection


Based on our analysis, no matter Randy Rhoads' genuine guitar or Jackson's later on replications ., the wood is the exact same, ebony fretboard, maple neck and maple body. We just choose precisely the same wood, choosing top rated high quality wood, just the identical as what utilized on the authentic electric guitar.

Rhoads Concorde


Randy Rhoads Relic


Jackson Rhoads Relic


Jackson Concorde Guitar Tremolo System


The tremolo system extends your ways of musical expression without having fear of moving away from tune. Since Randy's first electric guitar is actually a Gibson Les Paul, he kept most details, such as the neck thickness, chord length and nut width, within the Concorde guitar, while the bridge adopted a Fender made tremolo system, therefore the Concorde can be a mixture of Fender playing style and Gibson hue. Polka Dot V used the identical design. That's the consequence Randy wished. And our items also use the identical Fender styled tremolo system.


Jackson Concorde Guitar Pickups


It really is unable to uncover the original pick-ups that had been employed on the Concorde prototype due to the long time, but on the 30th anniversary of Jackson, they built a limited version of this unique electric guitar which implemented a Seymour Duncan SH4 humbucker in bridge plus a Seymour Duncan Jazz SH-2n humbucker in neck. However in our items, except the Seymour Duncan pick-ups, we also offer Wilkinson pickups for consumers to obtain far more inexpensive pickups alternatives which can save you many funds!


What we do about the Jackson Concorde Guitar


For above mentioned features we repeatedly analyzed and cloned the original electric guitar as finest as we can, mounted on fender style tremolo and Gibson fashion neck! The wood choice is merely the same as the original instrument, maple body, ebony fretboard, maple neck (by using top rated wood). All are the same as the original guitar, so there is no difference between ours and the genuine instrument!! But we offer more alternatives upon pickups option, except the first Seymour Duncan pick-ups which we bought for your needs, Wilkinson pickups is what we passionately proposed as a result of its high quality and affordable price. It might save you much cash!! The Wilkinson pickups with the exact same specs as Seymour Duncan pick-ups are considerably less costly than the latter!! And also the quality of Wilkinson is steady and dependable enough!!


Albums recorded with the Jackson Concorde Guitar


Blizzard of Ozz (1980)
Mr. Crowley Live EP (1980)
Diary of a Madman (1981)
Tribute (1987)


Since our goods are created with a tiny quantity, the price, in comparison to those custom created instruments, is a lot more cost-effective, but at the same time, the supply is limited, so in the event you really prefer this unique guitar, please take the opportunity to make contact with us immediately.

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