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Eddie Van Halen Black, White and Red Charvel Miniature Guitar

This guitar is built by Japanese and Korea luthiers, it is with excellent quality and reasonable price. You can choose from all kinds of finish, wood and hardware. Left handed is also available!

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Our Custom Made Eddie Van Halen Black, White and Red Charvel Miniature Guitar




Eddie Van Halen Black, White and Red Charvel Miniature Guitar


Body Wood


Neck Wood          







Dot Inlays

Scale Length





1 Wilkinson Humbucker


Master Volume


Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo


Red w/white and black Stripes




Chrome Finish


About Van Helen

Edward Lodewijk "Eddie" Van Halen (born January 26, 1955) is a Dutch virtuoso guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter and producer. He is best known as the lead guitarist and co-founder of the eponymous hard rock band Van Halen. He is often considered as one of the world's greatest guitarist, with Allmusic describing him as "Second to onlyJimi Hendrix... undoubtedly one of the most influential, original, and talented rock guitarists of the 20th century." He is ranked 8th in Rolling Stone's 2011 list of the Top 100 guitarists. In 2012,Guitar World's poll named him as the greatest guitarist of all-time. Eddie van Halen's approach to the guitar involves several distinctive components. His use of two-handedtapping, natural and artificial harmonics, vibrato, and tremolo picking, combined with his rhythmic sensibility and melodic approach, have influenced an entire generation of guitarists. The solo in "Eruption" was voted #2 on Guitar World magazine's readers poll of the 100 Greatest Guitar Solos.



Eddie Van Halen Black, White and Red Charvel Miniature Guitar

In 1983, Eddie began to use a brand new Kramer guitar with artwork similar to its predecessor and with a hockey-stick or "banana" headstock, which came to be known as the "5150." This guitar was rear-loaded (no pick guard), had a Floyd Rose vibrato unit and a neck that was later electronically mapped in order for it to be copied on the later Music Man and Peavey signature models. This guitar was last used on the track "Judgment Day" on theFor Unlawful Carnal Knowledge album. Various versions of it can be seen in the music videos for "Panama","When It's Love" and the concert video, Live Without a Net. The guitar itself was a variant of a Kramer Pacer, although not a model that was technically available at the time.

Edward Van Halen's 5150 Guitar is one of the most recognizable guitars in rock history. Ed assembled this guitar himself at the Kramer factory, and even painted it himself with Krylon "rattle-can" paint. The guitar consisted of an original Floyd Rose tremolo, one humbucker, and a single volume knob. A very simple guitar, for a very simple sound that is truly amazing.


The myth behind this great guitar is that it is a Kramer Baretta. This is actually a totally custom guitar made from custom parts in the old Kramer Guitar Factory in Neptune NJ. Another fact is that the body isn't actually a Baretta. The body is what would have been known as a Kramer Pacer Special. In fact, the control cavity is very different from most Kramers that were produced in the 80's.


Custom made all maple Kramer neck with skunk stripe

Original Floyd Rose Tremolo

Custom wound pickup

Single volume knob (Jazz Bass knob)

Gotoh 90 Degree Tuners (update 1/1/06 - not Schaller minis)

Schwin or Krylon paint (unknown)

The neck has some interesting characteristics as well. It was designed with an assymetrical back shape, something Kramer never offered on its guitars.




The Ernie Ball MusicMan EVH model, and the EVH Wolfgang have both been modeled after this backshape. Since I own both the MusicMan and the Wolfgang, I can say this backshape is indeed very unique, and extremely comfortable to play. The neck also looks very clean in this picture, I would assume Ernie Ball cleaned this up nicely for Ed when they did work on the headstock in 1992.


Additionally, the pickup is custom made my Edward himself, and rumor has it that Seymour Duncan was going to market a pickup just like his as the EVH signature pickup. This later became the Custom Custom. The headstock is truly original as well, Kramer never made a headstock like the one on Ed's 5150. It was another custom addition.

The last known recording with this guitar was Judgement Day on the Van Halen LP F.U.C.K. Around that same era, the headstock was broken around the 5th guitar tuner, and was repaired by MusicMan. As you can see above, an additional tuner was added before the headstock was fixed in order to keep it playing. This guitar is an absolute players guitar, it aint pretty, its made for playin'!


 Van Halen’s Tone

Van Halen (a self described "tone chaser") achieved his distinctive tone, known as the "Brown sound", by using the EVH "Frankenstrat" guitar, a stock 100-watt Marshall amp, a Variac (to lower the voltage of the amp to keep the same tone as an amplifier running full-blast at lower volumes) and effects such as an Echoplex, an MXR Phase 90, an MXR Flanger and EQs. Van Halen constructed his now ldary Frankenstrat guitar using a Boogie Bodies factory "2nd" body and neck, a single vintage Gibson PAF humbucker pickup sealed in molten surfboard wax done at home in a coffee can to reduce microphonic feedback, This also warped the bobbin of the pickup. a pre-CBS Fender tremolo bridge (later to be a Floyd Rose bridge) and a single volume control with a knob labeled "tone". Eddie has used a variety of pickups including Gibson PAF's, 1970s Mighty Mites,DiMarzios and Super 70s. Eddie was using Mighty Mite pickups in 1977 club photos, just prior to the recording of the first Van Halen album. Mighty Mite pickups were OEM pickups made by Seymour Duncan and were copies of DiMarzio Super Distortion pickups and can be identified by their lack of bobbin holes. Seymour Duncan started advertising pickup rewinding services In late 1977/early 1978 and apparently rewound a Gibson PAF for Eddie around the early 1978 period.


The now famous single pickup, single volume knob guitar configuration was the chosen platform due to Van Halen's lack of knowledge in electronic circuitry, primitive wire soldering skills, and his disappointment in not finding an adequate, durable bridge and neck pick-up combination on his own. Upon installing the humbucking pickup he did not know how to wire it into the guitar circuit, so he wired the simplest working circuit to get it to function.


His later guitars include various Kramer models from his period of endorsing that company (most notably the Kramer "5150", from which Kramer in its Gibson-owned days based their Kramer 1984 design, an unofficial artist signature model) and three signature models: the Ernie Ball/ Music Man Edward van Halen Model (Which continues as the Ernie Ball Axis), the Peavey EVH Wolfgang (which has been succeeded by a similar guitar called the HP Special), and the Charvel EVH Art Series, on which Eddie does the striping before they are painted by Charvel.


In an interview he gave to Guitar World magazine in July, 1985, Van Halen states that his "brown sound" is "basically a tone, a feeling that I'm always working at ... It comes from the person." He continues, "If the person doesn't even know what that type of tone I'm talking about is, they can't really work towards it, can they?"



Use our guitar to make fantastic Brown Sound!

This guitar has some truly great features for the right price. Should you be considering a guitar that managed to satisfy a lot of musicians' desires –Eddie Van Halen Black, White and Red Charvel Miniature Guitar is a great choice! You can rest assured that our replicated guitar is excellent quality and reasonable price. Any questions please feel free to contact us. More HD pictures please do not hesitate to email us.


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